Family Information

Committee & Family Involvement

The Remus Way Children’s Centre is a non-profit community owned childcare centre. A volunteer Committee of Management manages the centre. As such, the centre relies on the participation and involvement of parents.

Parents can be involved in many aspects of the Management of the centre and can contribute the amount of time they feel capable of.  

Involvement may include:

  • Becoming a member of the Committee of Management. No special skills or training are required, only your ideas and thoughts. This committee is responsible for the financial management of the centre, policy development and review, staffing issues and the overall centre management. Support is provided to the committee to enable them to carry out their role.
  • Being a member of the staffing sub committee. This committee is responsible for staff recruitment & development.
  • Joining the Fundraising committee.
  • Sharing a skill or talent with the staff and /or children.
  • Spending time in your child’s room helping out in the program Taking part in the many special events which take place at the centre such as Mother's Day and Father's Day evenings, Special Person's afternoon tea or the many incursions and excursions which take place each year.  

As educators work in partnership with parents to care for and foster the education of their children, Parent involvement is encouraged also in our program planning process. Daily involvement and communication ensures that staff can appropriately meet the individual care requirements of the children.

Please see the coordinator who will be happy to discuss parental involvement in more detail.

Centre Policies

The centre’s policy document will be made available to you once you have a child enroled to the centre.

You will receive an invitation to 'Storypark' which is an online portfolio application.
There you will find links to our policies


A range of fun and educational special events, excursions and incursions are organised throughout the year. They are based on the children’s interests, educator’s intentional teaching program as well as to support charities. These events include:

  • Community walks
  • School visits
  • Fire station Excursion
  • Police services incursions
  • An egg hatching experience
  • Australian Animals show
  • The mobile animal farm
  • Dental awareness program
  • Nutrition awareness program
  • Road and pedestrian safety
  • Fundraising special events
  • Sustainable learning
  • Science week
  • End of year community celebrations
  • Mother’s and Father’s evenings
  • Special Person’s afternoon tea
  • Plus much more

We also incorporate cultural celebrations which are relevant to our families.

Daily Meals



As children will be consuming at least 50% of their daily intake while in our care, we believe it is essential that the food we provide is sufficiently nutritious for optimum development.

We also believe that we have a responsibility to help children develop healthy eating patterns, habits and attitudes towards food. As such our Menu is designed and developed under the principles of the “Start Right Eat Right” program and has been assessed by nutritionists.

As we work in partnership with families, we also ensure that we provide educational nutrition information throughout the year with daily menu pictures posted to Storypark to share with families.

We provide our children with a range of nutritious, freshly prepared meals throughout the day.  All meals are prepared on premises by our experienced cooks which include; breakfast, a two course lunch and morning and afternoon tea.